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ASICS Arctic Boots W-DX

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ASICS Arctic Boots W-DX
ASICS Arctic Boots W-DX
ASICS Arctic Boots W-DX
ASICS Arctic Boots W-DX
ASICS Arctic Boots W-DX

ASICS Arctic Boots W-DX

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About the product:

ASICS winter work shoes W-DX-II is a popular winter work shoe that incorporates the technology cultivated by ASICS, a talented shoe manufacturer, for Antarctic research. These popular shoes are great for fishing and outdoor work in cold climates.

The bright orange color makes your feet look great when working in winter or cold climates.

The quilted material with excellent heat retention provides not only functionality but also a comfortable fit.

Recommended points of Asics work winter shoes W-DX-II:

1. Safety:

The toe part is double reinforced cold weather specification. Double reinforcement of synthetic leather and resin toe box that does not harden even in extremely cold environments. Prevents accidents caused by falling objects during work.

2. Durability:

The outer sole uses oil-resistant rubber that does not easily deteriorate with oil. Urethane resin is reinforced with rubber on the toes, which are prone to pain, to increase durability. Rubber soles may come off at low temperatures if the soles are adhered using only adhesive, as is the case with general shoe soles. I'm here.

3. Cushioning:

Uses a 20mm thick cold-proof felt insole that is gentle on your feet. The thick insole made of felt material, which has excellent heat retention, prevents the temperature from dropping due to cold air transmitted from the feet, and also enhances cushioning.


Size: Choose from 3 types: 26.5cm, 27.5cm, and 28.5cm.

Material: Synthetic fiber (body), artificial leather (reinforcement part)

Inner sole: Replaceable. ASICS Insole Felt FMM-10 (Inner sole for work winter shoes W-DX-II)

Body: Synthetic fiber Reinforcement: Artificial leather

Made in Japan

About the product image:

Please refer to the product photos posted on this page.

You can check the overall photo, the sole, the inside of the shoe, and a wearing sample of the ASICS work cold weather shoes W-DX-II.

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