Tip (for Hand Presser S)

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Tip (for Hand Presser S)
Tip (for Hand Presser S)
Tip (for Hand Presser S)

Tip (for Hand Presser S)


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About Product

Tip (S) (for Hand Presser Small) is the interchangeable parts of crimping tool. Made in Japan.

Please attach the tips at the crimping part of Hand presser S (sold separately)

By inserting different sizes of tips, you will be able to crimp assorted sizes of sleeves and tube clamps made with all sorts of materials. Application is not limited to just fishing and fishery. Hand presser is also applicable to numerous field work that requires processing of studs.

Regarding to Hand Presser Small, please move to this page.

Depend on the difference of sizes, we have Hand presser (Large) and Hand presser (Small) available in stock. Therefore, corresponding parts, Tips, also have 2 sizes. Please note that Tip (L) and Tip (S) are different in sizes and shapes.

This page is for Tip (S)

For Tip Large,please move to this page.

Product Image

Please refer to the image as reference on this page.

Please check the shape of Tip (S)

Please refer to the chart below to choose the best fit sleeves when applying Tip (S) to your hand presser

Tip (S) Size Chart

               Size of Tip(S)                                    Sleeves※1            
       Silver Lock           Mini Lock             FUJI Lock          Stainless Lock   
No.2-3 D/E/F No.2/No.3 No.4/No.9
No.4 G No.4
No.5 No.5 LL No.5
No.6 L No.6 No.2
No.7 M/S No.7 No.1

※1 Correspondence table between Tips (S) and Sleeves when using Hand Presser (S).

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