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Colored Lock Cap Bag/100 pcs

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Colored Lock Cap Bag/100 pcs
Colored Lock Cap Bag/100 pcs
Colored Lock Cap Bag/100 pcs
Colored Lock Cap Bag/100 pcs

Colored Lock Cap Bag/100 pcs

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Item #: SV-CAP2-100

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About Product

Lock Cap 100 pcs per bag, protection cover for sleeves used for fishing industry. 

This item is a colored lock cap. Please choose from three colors: red, blue, and yellow.

* For the transparent color, please select the normal "lock cap" on another page.

Although the item is made in Japan and developed for professional fishing, it is also applicable to construction sites and etc. where sleeves and studs are used.  

It is also ideal for individual fishing, leisure, and sports fishing.

Available in 2 types: 1) For Lead and 2) For Main Line

When using lock cap combined with sleeves (aluminum made silver lock, bras made fuji lock), please refer to the following chart for the best fit combination.  

Please be aware: NOT all the sleeves have corresponding lock caps.

Unit Number Per Pack

Package available in 100 pcs or 10 pcs.

Unit price is cheaper for value pack.

This page is for 100pc per bag.

For 10 pcs value pack, please move to other pages.

Product Photo

Please refer to the photo of this page as reference.

You can see photos of Lock Cap.

Correspondence table between Lock Cap and Sleeves

      Lock Cap     

       Size of Silver Lock
    (Aluminum Made Sleeve) ※1     

for Lead F
for Lead F-19mm
for Lead E
for Lead D
for Main Line M
for Main Line M-30mm
for Main Line L
for Main Line LL
for Main Line S-L
      Lock Cap                 Size of FUJI Lock
      (Brass Made Sleeves) ※1      
for Lead No.3
for Lead No.2
for Lead No.1

※1 Size of sleeves when using Lock Cap.
※ Specifications are subject to change without notice.

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