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Stainless Steel Lock Value Pack/500 pcs

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Stainless Steel Lock Value Pack/500 pcs

Stainless Steel Lock Value Pack/500 pcs


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Item #: SV-SUS-500

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About Product

Stainless Steel Lock 500 pcs value pack comes very handy when used to connect fishing lines and wire ropes.

Although the item is made in Japan, developed for professional fishing, it is also applicable to construction sites and etc. where sleeves and studs are used. It is more resistant to sea water, and able to reduce the corrosion when compared to aluminum made ones.

It is also ideal for individual fishing, leisure, and sports fishing.

Depends on the thickness and length of sleeves, we have in total 5 different sizes for you to choose from.

Please refer to the bottom of the page for more detailed size chart.

Unit Number Per Pack

Package available in 500 pcs.

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Please refer to the photo of this page as reference.

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Stainless Steel Lock Size Chart

   Shape           Size         Wall-thickness ×
(inner dia long × inner dia side) × Length (mm)
  Tip for
Hand Presser
  Tip for 
Hand Presser 
Wire Diameter
No.1 0.5×(1.1×2.5)× 7 No.7 No.7 0.8~1.1
No.2 0.5×(1.6×3.5)×10 No.6 No.6 1.2~1.6
No.4 0.5×(2.8×5.3)×13 No.2-3 No.2-3 2.2~2.5
No.6 0.7×(3.2×6.4)×19 B 2.6~3.2
No.9 0.6×(2.5×5.0)×13 No.2-3 No.2-3 1.9~2.1

※1 Correspondence table between Hand Presser (option) and Tips(Large or Small)when crimping sleeves. 
※2 Wire diameter when matching sleeves. 

※ Values are indicated only for reference, and are not guaranteed. 
※ Specifications are subject to change without notice.

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